Private Equity & Due Diligence - Consulting Services

The current business climate includes considerable momentum and energy in the private equity sector. There is enormous growth in the levels of private equity funds, the number, complexity and size of transactions. Logistics Bureau has experience in assisting our private equity clients in identifying investment potential, efficiency opportunities and profitability drivers, as well as detailed due diligence support.

Private Equity | Due Diligence

Supply Chain Audit

This is a rapid identification, quantification and prioritisation of supply chain opportunity projects.

Due Diligence

Identify management capabilities, performance gaps, projections and assumptions validation

Supply Chain Strategy Development

Strategy alignment and optimisation of the business model including such things as network design, inventory management and customer service policies

Supply Chain Organisation Review

Review of the structure, people, processes and identification of organisational issues

Customer/Product Profitability

Our consultants have a number of approaches aimed at identifying cost to serve. We have been actively involved in detailed cost to serve modeling projects since 1997

Growth Opportunities

Identify and assess the implications of customer, product, or geographic growth

Procurement & Supplier Management Review

Use our proven sourcing audit, strategic sourcing, and supplier evaluation methodologies to deliver both cost and revenue benefits

Upside Strategies

Leveraging the supply chain resources to create value eg our consultants have identified opportunities for our clients to use Shared Supply Chains

For more information about these services for Private Equity firms, feel free to make direct contact with the following Logistics Bureau staff:

Private Equity & Due diligence Consultants

Sydney - Rob O'Byrne



Tel: +61 417 417 307


Melbourne - Chris Garshagen



Phone +61 412 566 544


SE Asia - Colin Airdrie



Tel: +66 819 464 490


Brisbane - Kieran Hogan



Phone: +61 411 726 7674


Perth - Simon Jessamine



Tel: +61 411 726 767