How I built a Management Consulting Firm from nothing and reached $593,000 in sales in less than a Year!

Be a Consultant Tips

Do you want to start your own Consulting Firm?

You might have been thinking of getting into consulting on your own for a few years. But it’s hard to know where to start, isn’t it? It isn’t something they teach at the local college. Maybe these questions pop up in your your head:

  1. What kind of business structure do I need?
  2. How will I find customers?
  3. Will my income be enough?
  4. What dies it really take to be successful?

Maybe you’ve heard my story, about how I launched my consulting business back in in 1997, and billed nearly $600,000 in sales in less than a year? Now I own an International Group of five Businesses. Three of those are consulting firms.

Every week I get over a dozen CVs from people wanting to join one of my consulting businesses, and others who ask me “how did you do it?” and “can you teach me how to start my own consulting business?”

So I decided to put together some information for those who might be keen to get into consulting for themselves.


So I’m giving away free, the gems that I’ve learned over 30+ years? Why?

There must be a catch I hear you ask? No. No catch. You see I know, that if you get this information now, that if your clients need the help of Supply Chain and Logistics consultants (that’s what my own business is about), you are more likely to refer me and my company than one of my competitors. So I’m sowing a seed and you’re getting the benefit.


Who is this Information suited to?

Well, I’ve aimed these gems at those who:

  • Maybe work in a medium to large corporate
  • Now want to work for yourself.
  • Are bright, well educated and ambitious
  • Haven’t tried a consulting role before.
  • Or maybe you tried and it didn’t work out well!
  • Maybe see your own consulting business as a way of getting out of the daily grind.
  • Probably want to be your own boss.
  • Certainly want the income you know you are worth and deserve.


How do I Access this Information?

Just jump onto this link. See you there.


Rob O'Byrne - Logistics BureauBest regards,

Rob O’Byrne

Email or +61 417 417 307