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How to be a Consultant

How I built a Management Consulting Firm from nothing and reached $593,000 in sales in less than a Year! You might have been thinking of getting into consulting on your own for a few years. But it’s hard to know where to start, isn’t it? It isn't something they teach...

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Freight Part 2 – Volume Leveraging

By John Cole In the last newsletter, we looked at how to identify two of the avenues to freight savings from my opportunity matrix. Now we’ll look at another three, again using real life examples found while working with clients... Volume Leveraging. You may think...

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Freight Part 1

By John Cole “I get carriers in here all the time and they can’t beat these rates.” I can’t tell you how many freight optimisation projects I’ve kicked off where those are the first words out of a transport manager’s mouth. Often they’re right, too: I can’t beat those...

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