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Thanks a Million

We made it to 5 Million! Our Next Target is 6 Million giving impacts At Logistics Bureau we believe people and organisations deserve better outcomes. Everything we do cultivates our understanding of the world as a place where everyone should get a fair shot at living...

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A World of Giving

Our core purposes at Logistics Bureau Group, is helping people. And by that we don't just mean helping business people be more successful, but also others who might be less fortunate than ourselves. Since 2012, we have been a business of a wonderful organisation...

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Logistics Outsourcing Anxiety Test

Having been involved in Logistics Outsourcing projects for almost 20 years, I have seen all forms of stress and anxiety from the parties involved. This rather 'tongue in cheek' video might ring a few alarm bells for you.  Why not take the test?     This is the...

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Tips on Hiring Supply Chain Consultants

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid common mistakes when hiring Supply Chain consultants! Rather than write 2 pages of text I thought this info graphic might be easier to digest.  You can click here to get a Hi Resolution pdf version.  Tips on hiring a Supply...

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Thank You for a Win-Win-Win

You may know that as a Business Partner of the Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) organisation we give to those in need as part of our everyday business. i.e. A client buys X from us and a portion of the revenue goes to a worthy cause.  Always. This creates a fantastic Win - Win -...

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